About Us

Ubuntu Company Limited for over three years has provided an excellent Leverage

value addition and commercializing of existing agricultural value chains as a means to create grassroots revenues and food security for the local farmers. Implement a value addition initiatives in the maize, sorghum flour and shea butter value chains to achieve increased community revenues and self-Reliance through Agriculture Value Chain Development. 

Ubuntu Company Limited has foot prints in the entrepreneurship sector, training youths and women on Financial literacy, Voluntary saving and Loaning, Income generation programing and business mentorship, Cooperative development, Business to Business linkages and financing, Imports and exports of farm inputs and products, climate sensitive programing, Branding, packaging, advertisement and marketing, Market survey and access, capacity strengthening.

Ubuntu Company Limited is working on a mobile solution model to link farmers to the market, access financing, register online to Ubuntu Cooperative society, Cooperative products and provide access to innovative solutions to improve on the quality of production through E-Learning.

what makes us different

The values we live by


At Ubuntu Company Limited, we are committed to build on our market leadership position in the entire food security and venture capital arena to become the leading provider of best of Health equity cutting edge products and industrial centric services encompassing the local and international communities


To be a one stop National firm for robust livelihood and sustainable food systems, Climate sensitive products and Business development services, Digital Strategies & marketing, Agricultural and value chain solutions in South Sudan.


To develop an alternative industry-centric business incubator that will provide a pathway for economic development strategies, through providing a specialized business supportive environment for innovation, application of technologies, human resource enhancement, dignified and fulfilling jobs, business and market development.


Meet the team

Welcome to the heart and soul of Ubuntu Co ltd —our talented and passionate team.
We’re a diverse group of individuals united by a shared mission: to deliver excellence, innovation,
and exceptional service to our valued clients. Get to know the faces behind our success.
Joy Ladu
Chief Executive Officer
David Dennis
Programs Manager
Patrick Nyangwaye
Finance Officer
Ngaidok Borin
Human Resource
Poni Irene
Benjamin Lukudu
Sales and Marketing