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Healthy and organic farm food
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Horticulture Farming
Our horticulture farming practices at
Ubuntu Company Limited are second to none.
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Innovation/Technology Research
And Development Hub
We are investing on Innovations in the agricultural sector
to consider the needs of small and marginal farmers
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Storage Solution
Ubuntu Company Limited offers safe and
efficient storage solutions for clients' products.
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Crop Production



Our Story

We are a dynamic and growing agro company

Ubuntu Company Limited is a dynamic and growing agro company that was locally incorporated in South Sudan in 2020; one thing that sets Ubuntu Company Limited apart is our flexible approach to Agri Business, innovation and marketing solutions. We understand that not every company has the same needs or goals, and we excel in developing customized solutions to fit your needs. We are dedicated to respond to the under-utilized agricultural sector in South Sudan due to a series of market system development challenges, negative externalities leading to extreme levels of acute food insecurity and unemployment needs through the provision of exceptionally high quality personal and professional development in different innovative, multisector and sustainable livelihood programming for individuals, CSOs and corporate companies. The firm brings together highly qualified professionals who have experience acquired both locally and internationally.

Our Products

Ubuntu company limited has a comprehensive range of agricultural products, where innovation meets tradition to cultivate a brighter future for agriculture. We take pride in offering a diverse selection of high-quality solutions designed to enhance crop yields, promote sustainable farming practices, and support the needs of modern agriculture.

Organic Shop and Organic Products

Our organic shop is a haven for health-conscious individuals seeking high-quality, sustainably sourced organic products. We offer a wide range of organic goods, carefully curated to support a healthier lifestyle and a more environmentally friendly way of living.

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Embrace a healthier, sustainable lifestyle with our thoughtfully curated organic treasures.


A review of our products
from satisfied clients

Christina Luzier
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This Nilotika shea butter is AMAZING. I have eczema to my face of all places. Nothing worked for it not even prescription medication. Everything would burn and make my face look worse or just sat on top of the dry, flaky patches. But this product solved all that. It doesn't burn, it absorbs into my skin and softens the dry flaky skin. I'm addicted it to it. I use it on my face twice a day. People have been telling me that I look younger now even in the middle of the winter. And best of all, its from the motherland! Nothing beats that. It just takes a little bit of the product to do the job.”
Kuyang Suzanne
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Authentic and organique fair trade South Sudan Shea Butter. The scent is natural, delicate and subtle. I love this lulu oil and will order more
Lina Totoe
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Love the smooth quality of their shea butter. Its organic, unscented, pristine and velvet like. Almost like butter. Truly natures gift
Nassir Abdi
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Really good place to buy. The quality of their flour is amazing. I got their maize flour in their store in Jebel. When compared to other flours locally, its the best flour available in the market
Opiyo Omony
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Flour is made of grains sourced from local farmers and is better than most branded products at reasonable price
Kuol D. Lam
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Wonder porridge flour! I grew up eating sorghum as porridge and have struggled getting unadulterated flour like this. Thanks Ubuntu for Hilu. It’s a great taste and original and well packaged.

Our Partners

Our partners are the cornerstone of our success and innovation. Our diverse and dedicated partners are an integral part of our journey, propelling us toward a future of collective achievements and continued excellence.

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