Agricultural Value Chain Development

Post-Harvest Management

We unsure the post-harvest and preservation techniques include the preparation of local packaging of perishable and none perishable produce for better handling and for the market. Therefore, Ubuntu Company Limited provides packaging equipment/materials for each farmer group and Warehouse services. This will enable better preservation of produces and also be a mechanism to build long term
capacity and sustainability within the communities on Value addition production. The storage of grain has never been easy over the years to the producers but technology has made it easy now. We have access to local food storages with future link to producers of quality silos and silo bags, cereal (seeds/grains) threshers and cleaning machines from Argentina for affordable prices. Our cleaning and sorting machine offers two tasks:

  1. Remove all garbage that is lighter than the weight of seeds using centrifugal force from a turbine.
  2. Separate with perforated sheets, everything that is smaller than the seed leaving it clean for consumption or sowing. The machine is movable and comes with an electric motor system that can use gasoline if the farmer wishes, it can clean seeds up to 1MT per hour.