Agricultural Value Chain Development

Mentorship and farmer zoning

We have Strengthened self-reliance among farmer dependent communities and encourages local enterprise development by offering small-scale farm infrastructure development, organic farming training and entrepreneurship skills training. Ubuntu Company Limited Market System Model provides farmers with a guaranteed market to sell their produce.

Through this model, farmers have the option to sell excess produce to Juba, thereby mitigating the risk of scaling up production. The beneficiaries of our projects are youths and women who are all a part of the Agriculture Training and Mentorship Programme and have an individual plot within some of the 200 small-scale farms, where they grow their own food to take home or to sell. As a result, our farmers are able to feed their families and earn an income, as many of them are unemployed.

We have restricted our farmers to particular locations due to the insecurity threats posed by cattle keepers who destroy massive plantation and threaten production. The Zoning has encouraged our farmers to maintain farmland and the agricultural community to enhance production among the Cooperative members