Our Product

Incubation and Industrial Centre

Ubuntu Company Limited holistic incubation program extends beyond training and mentorship to business development  support, partnerships and investments. Incubation center will be established, resourced, utilize management expertise, intellectual capital, and bottom-up learning to enhance the capacity and vision of potential incubates.

We foster and inspire local entrepreneurs and farmers in developing enterprises that deliver need based, sustainable Value addition driven solutions to underserved communities. We recognize the need for a niche incubator, adopting a holistic solution approach to incubation. The approach looks at the development of both the enterprise and the ecosystem that the enterprise operates in. 

Ubuntu Company Limited has put the below crucial measures to developing opportunities for social entrepreneurship and industrial sectors.

  • Construction of 2 industrial  grade structures
  • Purchase of sector specific machinery for at least 3 value chains (Shea Butter and Flour (Maize and Sorghum) Milling.
  •  Incubation of youth innovation-Mobile Market Solutions and provision of seed capital.
  • Adoption of mobility learning programs in industries beyond S. Sudan.
  •  Market development and access enhancement.
  • Setup of a modern industry grade Testing and Standardization Unit.

Our integrated, robust and sustainable accelerator model that is focused on income generation through value-chain development; industry driven innovation; youth and women inclusion through dignified and rewarding job creation.