Our Product

Financial Centre

We are in partnership with our donors and the private sector to Equip micro enterprises with sustainable solutions for livelihoods (that combine solar energy efficient appliances, sustainable energy and optimized building designs with affordable financing models), that will contribute to increased productivity and income.

Our solutions will strengthen micro-businesses in a manner that it catalyses’ local employment opportunities, boosts the overall economy of the region and decentralizes availability of products and services an approach that will direct impact on the entrepreneurial spirit and wellbeing of farmers.

Ubuntu Company will engage with insurance companies to Deploy a Risk product and engage with partners for revolving Funds (RF) to spur local financing for inputs and livelihood enterprises: This program will be experimented with multiple financial instruments, like risk funds, revolving funds, interest subsidies, margin money subsidies, transaction cost support, etc. that will be used to catalyze financing to household for the farmers and businesses at very affordable interest rates for extended loan periods.