Our Product

Climate Smart Agriculture
and Solar Power Solutions

Agriculture is one of the key economic sectors for the poor across the world, particularly in developing countries. Current challenges in agriculture are exacerbated by climate change which is resulting in catastrophic economic and social losses to farmers.

Our farmers are supported to better use and manage the natural resources Land and water) available to them to sustainably increases productivity of land, resilience (to climate change), and enhances achievement of national food security and development goals.

Ubuntu Company Limited will incorporate an inclusive technology innovation approach that combines both active and passive lighting and cooling/heating solutions for the farmers to be able to optimize on their active energy needs. We are currently using Diesel powered generators for irrigation which will soon be replaced by Construction and operation of 100 MWp solar power farm stations and drip irrigation solutions.

This activity’s practices aim to reduce carbon footprint and cost by employing sustainable solutions that will create resilience among farming dependent communities by use of solar power solutions.