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Agricultural Value
Chain Development

Welcome to the world of Agricultural Value Chain Development, where we harness the power of collaboration and innovation to transform agriculture into a thriving ecosystem. Our mission is to link every step of the agricultural journey, from farm to fork, creating a seamless pathway for sustainable growth and prosperity.

In this dynamic landscape, we work tirelessly to connect farmers with markets, improve production practices, enhance post-harvest handling, and foster meaningful partnerships among stakeholders. By optimizing each link in the agricultural value chain, we empower farmers, boost economic opportunities, and ensure food security for communities.

Join us on this journey as we unlock the full potential of agriculture, bridging the gap between producers and consumers, and reimagining the future of food. Together, we’re building a resilient, inclusive, and sustainable agricultural sector that benefits all.

Agricultural Mechanization

Mechanization is at the heart of modern farming practices, and we are proud to offer high-quality tractor services that help farmers improve their efficiency and productivity.

Post-Harvest Management

We unsure the post-harvest and preservation techniques include the preparation of local packaging of perishable and none perishable produce for better handling and for the market.

Irrigation Demonstration Plants

The Nile provides a large water mass that crisscrosses the country providing water source for domestic use and irrigation purpose.

Agricultural Research and Development

At Ubuntu Company Limited, we understand that good farming starts with quality seeds. Due to the lack of quality and certified seeds in the country, we have decided to embark on seed production in our nucleus farm and with a few farmers from the existing out-grower.

Formulation of Product Cooperatives and Collection Center

Ubuntu Company Limited works with Ubuntu Cooperative Society and will continue to establish, promote group/cooperative governance and leadership structures.

Mentorship and farmer zoning

We have Strengthened self-reliance among farmer dependent communities and encourages local enterprise development by offering small-scale farm infrastructure development, organic farming training and entrepreneurship skills training